B.Chain Innovation, based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), provides services to corporates and startups alike with a focus on new technologies and business strategy. From general management to strategic partnership management, providing help working on your innovation goals with a specialty in Blockchain Technology.

Below an overview of possible services but feel free to reach out if you have another question!

Innovation management
Do you want to fast track your innovation efforts? Or learn how your industry is changing?
From zero to one
I can help you: build your innovation team, adopt innovation processes, startup collaboration, explore new technologies and their business impact, prioritize innovation efforts
Startup Advisory
Need help bringing your (blockchain) startup to the next level in the form of advice, a workshop or interim position?
Keep it flexible
I have worked with startups before and like to apply a very flexible, fit for purpose approach. I can help - also very short-term - questions regarding innovation, partnerships, business strategy and scaling up.
Blockchain Strategy
Wondering what the buzz is all about? Or are you ready to get started but don't know how?
Creating business value
I can help you: build up blockchain knowledge in your organisation, assess business potential/ impact, design decentralized use cases, contact partners & stakeholders
Public speaking & workshops
Are you looking for someone to add a new perspective to your event, conference or training program?
Get inspired
Bringing along the many experiences from my daily work I can make a story highly personal but also very relevant. I can deliver: keynotes, workshops, panels or more formal training.
Partnership Strategy
Are you wondering how you can extend your scale or reach by collaborating?
I can help you: define which partners best fit your business needs, create a strategy for collaboration, help kick-start your partner funnel
Program management (a.i.)
Have you made great plans but are you looking for someone to help you execute?
Results driven
I can help you: set up your innovation delivery program, kickstart projects, align stakeholders and deliver your results.

Key values

Immediate value

B.Chain Innovation can come in any time to give a workshop, lead a brainstorm or design thinking session or even review current strategy & plans. And deliver value immediately and within a short time frame.


B.Chain Innovation can also support you and work with your team for the duration of a single project, experiment or even program. Focus lies on knowledge sharing, enablement of your innovation team and getting familiar with the innovation process.


Looking only for some inspiration, a wake-up call for your board or department? B.Chain Innovation can provide you with a (customized) key note, teaser or workshop that will leave you with new energy.


About Me

Behind B.Chain Innovation is Berit Fuss. An experienced innovation & strategy professional with a passion for technology. Having a background in international business, innovation & technology, she held a variety of IT and business focused innovation roles at one of Europe’s leading banks where she worked on turning new technologies into business value.

Discovering the immense opportunity behind – and developing a passion for – blockchain technology in 2014, she has been working on a variety of blockchain-driven innovations ever since. Berit has hands-on experience with strategy & business use case development based on new technologies as well as creating relevant partnerships and consortia. Working closely with blockchain development teams gave her insight into the growing pains as well as success factors for experimentation to implementation cycles in enterprise & startup setting.

Profile circlee

Who I AM

Currently Berit is an independent innovation & new technology consultant and blockchain speaker, working on a variety of projects for corporates as well as startups. And holds a board member position at a Dutch not-for profit dedicated to improving the innovation climate & opportunities for blockchain projects.